Successful landing of Japan’s Moon Mission Sniper on the Moon

Japan’s Moon Mission Sniper successfully made a soft landing on the Moon late on Friday (January 19) night (Indian time). Japanese space agency JAXA President Hiroshi Yamakawa confirmed the successful landing of the mission.

Agency officer Hitoshi Kuninaka said – The spacecraft has contacted the control room. However, the spacecraft’s solar generators are not working right now. At present the spacecraft is completely dependent on its batteries.

With this, after Russia, China, America and India, Japan has become the fifth country in the world to successfully land the Moon mission on the Moon. The sniper reached the lunar orbit on 25 December. Since then it was moving towards the surface of the moon.

The Sniper is equipped with the most advanced technology for landing on previous Moon missions. The slim lander equipped with radar has landed on the equator of the Moon.

Sniper will reveal the secrets of the moon
According to CNN, the target of Japan’s Moon Mission Sniper is to investigate the Shioli crater of the moon. It is in the Sea of ​​Nectar part of the Moon. Scientists have to believe. A volcano had erupted here on the moon. In this part, the sniper will investigate how the moon was formed.

By examining the minerals here, information about the structure of the moon and its internal parts will be obtained. According to media reports, about 102 million dollars have been spent on this mission of Japan.

What will be the benefit of pinpoint landing?

  • According to ‘’ website, the biggest advantage of pinpoint landing is that a specific place is focused in advance. A large amount of information about this is already available and accordingly the design of the lander and post-landing rover movement are decided. The objective is to get accurate information about the presence of water and other things at that particular place.
  • The sniper’s target will be the 100 meter area around him. The weight of this lander is 200 kg. Length is 2.4 meters and width is 2.7 meters. It has excellent radar, laser range finder and vision based navigation system. These equipments will help in accurate landing.
  • The cameras installed in it will take very clear pictures of the rocks present on the Moon. Along with this, it also has Lunar Exploration Vehicle and Lunar Robot. These have been named ORA-Q. Their size is very small and they can be kept on the palm.

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